'No excuse' for no 'Stop' signs on Gracehill Road death junctions

Chronicle reader dissects the Road Service 'mystery guidelines'

'No excuse' for no 'Stop' signs on Gracehill Road death junctions

The Fivey Road junction with Gracehill Road, the scene of many serious accidents and near misses. WK38-AM-002

Alan Millar


Alan Millar



THIS WEEK we have three new developments in the ongoing Gracehill Road 'Stop' sign impasse. 

Following on from last week's Chronicle reports a reader took it upon himself to “peruse the mystery guidelines” cited by the Department for Infrastructure (DFI) as their reason for refusing to erect 'Stop' signs at two dangerous Gracehill Road junctions.

“There is really no excuse for DFI Service not to erect a STOP sign on the Gracehill Road junctions without further delay,” he has concluded. 
Seven serious accidents, including one fatality, have occurred at the Gracehill Rd/Fivey Rd junction and the Gracehill Rd/Bregagh Rd junction within the last year.
This has resulted in the intensification of calls for 'Stop' signs to replace 'Give Way' ASAP, with Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council last week agreeing to write to DFI and the PSNI.

In a further development Mr Bob McCallion of the Save the Dark Hedges Group has talked to The Chronicle about the contents of his latest letter to DFI, calling AGAIN for the immediate erection of 'Stop' signs.

He also discussed how signage policy was implemented elsewhere in the UK, noting in particular the use of 'Stop' signs with a hi-viz background.

For the latest on all these developments see this week's Chronicle.

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