Taking down posters is hardly democracy - McKillop

Taking down posters is hardly democracy  - McKillop
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SDLP candidate Margaret Anne McKillop has called on those involved in taking down her election posters to begin behaving as democrats rather than facists who will go to any length to stop candidates getting their message across.

She said: "I have worked hard for all my constituents irrespective of politics, religion or any other difference. All I am asking for is the right to campaign like every other party.

"I am a working-class person who paid for my posters and election literature out of my own pocket. I cannot afford to replace these posters which have been stolen.

"I can only appeal to the misguided people involved to show some respect for others participating in the election and giving the electoral choice.

"I am proud of my work, get enormous satisfaction out of helping others and ask to be re-elected for another term.

"I am deeply saddened that in my own town of Cushendall I am not allowed to have my posters displayed like other parties. This can’t be right and it does nothing for democracy. However I am not going to be bullied, I am not going away and with the help of God I will be re-elected. I call on other political parties to condemn this serious breach of democratic freedom and free speech.

"The SDLP’s vision is a reconciled people living in a united, just and prosperous new Ireland."

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